Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ellis Paul

Ohh, getting psyched for Ellis Paul on Thursday! (links aren't working, it's www.EllisPaul.com)
Great voice, great lyrics. Love it.

She ain't worth the roses lost among the thorns
She ain't worth the words you'd waste to mend the trust that's torn

She ain't worth the midnight
She ain't worth the dawn
She ain't worth the pedestal that you placed her on
She ain't worth the hotel sheets twisted on the bed
She ain't worth the tremblin' or the whispers that you said

But she was. In truth, you know she was.
She was, and you're fooling yourself because she was.

She ain't worth the mystery
She ain't worth the risk
She ain't worth the medicine brushed across the lips
She ain't worth the vertigo
She ain't worth the fall
She ain't worth surrender to the drama of it all

She ain't worth apologies
She ain't worth the right or wrong
She ain't worth the melody
She ain't worth this song

But she was.....

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Unknown said...

Dear Jessica,

As someone who’s written wonderful words about the great music coming from singer songwriter Ellis Paul – first I’d like to tell you thank you. I’ve been Ellis Paul's friend and manager since 1992 and his music, words and friendship are jewels in my life. Upon examining the state of the music industry, Ellis and I have realized that far and away the most important connections that we have are not at all on the business side of the equation – it’s the people that love Ellis’ music. They’re more important than the biggest retailer or the most powerful radio station - so we’re starting a campaign to empower the people. Ellis’ new album “The Day After Everything Changed” was completely funded by his fans and is one of the finest he’s ever recorded. Many of Ellis' fans and folks passionate about great songwriting don’t even know that it’s been released. So if you’d like to help support a truly independent artist – here’s how. The lead single track on TDAEC is “Annalee”, and if you go to www.ellispaul.com/free you can download “Annalee” for free. Unlike so many other free song offers – you don’t have to give us your email, sign up or register for anything at all. It’s free for the taking. The small favor we would ask? Please share it with any and all of your friends that would enjoy Ellis’ music. This would help our efforts and help spread the music. This truly is a campaign about the power of the people in the support of independent music and artists.

Please stay in touch.

And thank you.

Ralph Jaccodine, Manager