Monday, June 9, 2008

An Excellent Weekend

This weekend Mallory and Jason came to visit. We hung out with Dave as well. It was a great time, with lots of fun and food. Plus Torrey got to meet them, and we even had a little party one night.
We went to Pepe's Pizza, which was the most ridiculous pizza I've ever had...such a cool brick oven, crispy crust, and a pitcher of Sam Adams Summer Ale. We had clam and bacon pizza, onions and peppers, and a sausage one. Delicious!
Also went to Bobby Q's, and had amazing pulled pork, to the point of bursting. Plus we discovered a newly opened Vineyard Vines store! Dave and I got REALLY excited, and we were going to go the next day when it was open, but we ended up forgetting.
We spent Saturday at Chicken Rock swimming and hiking, which was BEAUTIFUL, but then the cops busted us....which was actually pretty cool...especially since Mallory was pretty much in the nude. lol. Then spent the day next to Dave's beautiful pool and floating in the water, beers in hand. Great times. Dinner at the Sesame Seed, and I had my all time favorite, "Veal the Wild One". Yummmm! Saturday night we went to the Carnival at the mall, and Jason "proved his manliness" and won me two prizes. It was soooo much fun, and we went on the swings and the ferris wheel.
This week is going to be really hot...local schools were dismissed early because of the heat. Thank god for air conditioning.

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