Friday, August 8, 2008

My throat got ripped out

So, getting your tonsils out SUCKS!! But the funny thing is, I can't decide which I'm more excited about....having the pain go away, or eating. Obviously the two are linked....but ultimately I'm more excited for real food. I want Quesadillas, Pad Thai, and Pizza. My three favorite foods!

I get to see Jason really soon which will be awesome. I need to cuddle with him.

I watched the whole first season of 30 Rock and now I'm working on the second. Ever since The Royal Tenenbaums I've loved Alec Baldwin. It's a great show.

My room still smells really good because of my beautiful flowers. If it weren't for Vicodin I'd be dead.

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

Pobrecita! Que lastima! Feel better and better every day! ILU