Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love being at college!

The campus is so looks just like Hogwarts. At night it really becomes the student's land; there are people walking around, working out at the gym, studying in the science center. The lights in the buildings are so pretty and soothing. Everything gets quiet and it doesn't feel like we have to share the campus with so many people. It just feels like my place. I can walk to the cafe and get a hot chocolate and it just makes me so happy.

I overlook the staff parking lot, and its so cool to see it empty out as the day wears on, and at night its so obvious that there aren't any adults here. Then in the morning I can hear cars pulling in slowly but surely. I look out my window and see the professors coming into work, and they just seem that much more human. Little things really make the experience more fun. Pub nights with professors are funny...but totally enjoyable. College is just such a cool world...a village just for students. We have our own pub, our own cafe, and our own beautiful campus to do what we want with.

P.S. Friday Jason and I are going to Lemongrass in Syracuse for Pad Thai! SOOO excited! Yummie.

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