Saturday, January 3, 2015

Even More Instagrammers Worth a Follow: 15 Fun Foodies

After getting such a great response to my first post about some of my favorite instagram accounts, I thought I'd do another one! This one's also Connecticut focused, with a sprinkling of New York and beyond. Some are purely food, and some are more varied, but all of them are full of great content. Enjoy! 

Tom McGovern is a professional food photographer, and it shows! His account is mostly mouthwatering food, but drinks and places are sprinkled in. Happily, there are a lot of Connecticut hotspots represented, as well as NYC and some from Virginia. 

Kim runs a great blog full of restaurant reviews and more. Her photos are a fun mix of restaurant cuisine and home cooking. Photos are heavily Connecticut based, hooray!

Gina is a woman of many talents, a lifestyle blogger more than just food, and it makes for a fun and varied account. She's also Connecticut based, and is a editor.

Julie is a cat lover just like me, as well as beer, food, and music all over Connecticut. Plus, how great is her handle? Wish I'd thought of it.

She has a ton of followers, and it's easy to see why. These aren't just yummy photos, they're beautifully styled ones.

Andrea's a PR pro in Connecticut who focuses on the restaurant business, but there's a nice smattering of NYC action represented in her feed. Plus cats. Always points for cats in my book.

I'm pretty jealous of this guy. He's the food guru at Thrillist, and always doing fun articles about the scene in NYC.  Watch out, his account will make you want to head to the city and immediately begin eating.

She's based in Australia, I'll almost certainly never visit any of the places she photographs, but it sure is a pleasure to see what she's up to. Her food photos are lovely, and the landscapes make me dream of travel. Plus, this is another charming and creatively named account.

Delicious photos from a city full of deliciousness. They're professional photographers, and their photos are always polished.

I don't know who is behind this account, but I love their photos and a ton of them are from places in my immediate area. One day we'll cross paths, I hope. Or maybe we already have...

Love these guys. Be sure to check out their new Florida based spinoff site, MIABites1.

Dan and Kristien are always hitting great places, mostly in lower Fairfield County. They're super cool people in real life, and so is their instagram feed!

I met Erica back in college, and now she's a big time food blogger in Chicago! Congrats!

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