Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Changing Seasons, Changing Dishes: New Fall Menu at Bistro 7 in Wilton, CT

Now that fall is underway and the leaves are changing, there are new offerings on Bistro 7 Wilton's menu! As usual, the menu reflects what is available locally and seasonally.

New items on Bistro 7's fall menu: butternut squash soup, BBQ chicken chowder, crispy kale pizza, speck and herbed sweet potatoes, kale smoked caesar salad, organic wild arugula salad with butternut squash, hazelnuts, pancetta, and hazelnut dressing, seafood risotto, and braised short ribs.

I haven't tried all the new items, but here's a recap of the ones I can offer opinions on. (Note: dishes pictured are tasting portions)

BBQ chicken chowder: This was rich, thick, and smoky. I loved it. Perfect for a cool fall evening, and thick enough to dip crusty bread into to soak up every last bit!

Butternut squash soup: Rich and creamy, with parmesan shaved on top, which I thought was an interesting unexpected choice, but I really enjoyed the background flavor that it added.

Organic arugula salad with pancetta, butternut squash, and hazelnut dressing: An interesting combination of flavors! Slightly bitter arugula, smoky pancetta, and the nutty sweet tang of hazelnuts, which added a nice crunch, too. The butternut squash isn't even necessary, though it's good.

Seafood risotto with scallops and shrimp: By far my favorite dish out of the ones I got to try. It's creamy but not heavy or cheesy, and the seafood is really bright and fresh. The scallops were tender, which is often not the case when they're mixed in with other ingredients (and get overcooked). 

Braised short ribs with mashed cauliflower and steamed carrots: I'm not generally a meat eater, but this was buttery tender and fell apart on my fork. Amazing flavor! The mashed cauliflower was a new experience; I tend to favor potatoes, but I could barely tell the difference because the texture was so similar. 

There are also new desserts, including a bananas foster cheesecake and a pumpkin mousse topped with butternut squash seed brittle. Give either one a try - you won't be disappointed. I dislike bananas, and I dislike mousse...yet I liked both of these desserts. Go figure!

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

I am amazed that Bistro 7 has a Wilton address. It so totally seems to be in Redding.