Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bistro 7 in Wilton: New Menu, New Chefs, New Leaf

Since discovering Bistro 7 in Wilton, CT last year, it has been a favorite spot, and I have recommended it to anyone who cared to listen. A great Happy Hour (the best in town as far as quality and price), a friendly vibe, and a charming and caring owner, Breno Donatti (as well as his equally enjoyable wife, opera singer Jeanette Vecchione-Donatti), brought me back again and again. My friends and I were at the bar at least three nights per week.

After many months of nothing but positive experiences, our enthusiasm started to wane in the spring as Happy Hour changed and some of our favorite menu items vanished, and others became a bit inconsistent. Still, we went on occasion, and our loyalty to Breno and his vision for a true "farm to fork" experience never wavered.

I was thrilled when Breno told me that the restaurant was undergoing some significant changes. A new menu, new Sous Chef Harrison Schaefer, and a new Head Chef, Marcelino Martinez. Martinez was previously the Pastry Chef, and I had experienced his culinary talent firsthand. Plus, they were bringing back the Happy Hour I so missed, and strengthening their commitment to working with local farms through partnerships with Debra Sloane of Sloane Farm and Donna Simmons of Pound Ridge OrganicsThe Bistro 7 I had first fallen in love with was returning!

After closing for a few days in preparation for the grand reopening, patrons were invited to experience a selection of new menu items. Of course, I was there and excited to give it all a try. 

Knowing that Bistro 7 had reigned supreme in the "best bisque" category at last year's "Chowdafest" with their butternut squash bisque, I chose the roasted root vegetable bisque to start. It was rich and thick, a great choice for a cold winter night. I think their butternut squash takes the cake, but this bisque was still solid.

Next, beef empanadas drizzled in Bistro 7's cilantro lime sauce that I am so addicted to (really, it's fabulous. Order a side of this magical sauce and dip french fries into it). They were crisp, not too heavy, flavorful, and delicious! They went perfectly with the cold beer I was sipping; I guarantee I will be ordering these at Happy Hour soon!

For entrees, I chose the pan-seared salmon with bok choy, my companion chose pork roulade with zucchini and squash "linguine," and we split the two. The salmon was the best I've ever had. It was cooked perfectly, delicately flaky with a moist center. Salmon is all too easy to overcook, and I was extremely impressed with this dish. Really the standout of the meal.

The pork, another easily overcooked meat, was unfortunately just that. The flavor of the stuffing was great but the pork was dry. I would be willing to try again, as I know this would be a great dish if it had just been taken away from the heat a few minutes earlier. The vegetable "linguini" was delicious and amazingly flavorful.

I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Bistro 7 - I've been a fan for a while now, and it's clear to me that things are only looking up for what was already a charming spot. Look for me at Happy Hour! :-)

Bistro 7 is located at 991 Danbury Rd, Wilton CT 06897
203-587-1287 | info@bistro7wilton.com

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