Thursday, December 4, 2014

72 Bottles of Spiked Seltzer on the Wall: My 30 Day Challenge Comes to an End

My trusty companion on the train to NYC!
Since bars there don't serve Spiked Seltzer (yet), I brought my own! 

It's already December, and my challenge, to switch from beer to Spiked Seltzer for a full 30 days, has come to an end. I've been amazed at the total lack of the usual negative side effects of alcohol in the past month. I have not experienced any morning headaches or sluggishness from a night of drinking, i imagine thanks to the low sugar content in Spiked Seltzer (and it's gluten free).

Though I am a beer lover, the light, crisp flavor of Spiked Seltzer is deliciously addictive, and certainly more refreshing than a heavy beer. I love that is isn't sugary sweet at all. Now I find myself drinking club soda instead of a second beer when I'm out at a bar. Hooray for fewer calories (and less money spent)!

Drinking in style, as always... :-)

Beyond the fact that it tastes good, and didn't ever give me a hangover, I am also pleased to report that I lost a couple pounds. I usually drink double IPAs, but Spiked Seltzer is only 140 calories, and I saved about 100 calories per drink by making the switch!

If you're in the New England area, give Spiked Seltzer a try - even the most loyal beer drinker may find themselves converted!

Click here for a list of retailers and restaurants that offer Spiked Seltzer.

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