Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mini Review: Hitting the Bar at the Newly Reopened Georgetown Saloon

Note, April 2015: Sadly, the Saloon has closed yet again. Stay tuned.

Mention Georgetown Saloon to any Redding area local, and you're sure to hear a fond memory or a tale of a wild night. It's a dark, no frills hole in the wall with a Western feel that leaves you wondering if a real cowboy is going to walk through the swinging saloon doors. Much to the chagrin of the many who posted up at the bar with a pint on a regular basis or danced the evenings away there, Georgetown Saloon closed its doors last year. 

The story goes that the building was left unattended, pipes burst, and the whole thing was a moldy, expensive nightmare. Popular opinion was that there would be no reopening, but then the news spread: someone was taking on the challenge! After a summer and early fall of waiting, Georgetown Saloon is open again, and continuing the tradition of live music, unpretentious eats, and a cowboy friendly vibe (though I was heartbroken to discover that those swinging saloon doors are absent now). 

I stopped in on a whim with some friends the other night, and we had the place completely to ourselves, so it was the perfect opportunity to get the inside scoop from the bartender while enjoying a beer from their selection of 30 taps, an incredible number for this area. And they aren't just pouring the standards, they have a list that's full of beers I'm not familiar with, which is exciting. 

The kitchen (remarkably) stays open until midnight, though I wonder if that will be sustainable in an area that gets quiet by 9. For now, that's great news, and is the latest that any kitchen in the area is open. We ordered three appetizers and enjoyed them all: "Menage a Tot," a trio of stuffed potato skins, one bacon, one veggie, and one truffle, Biscuits and Gravy, and mini cheeseburgers. It's quality, delicious bar food for markedly lower prices than similar spots in the area. 

The menu, we were told, is changing in the next day or so; I am interested to see what they keep and what they add. They have also just started serving brunch, so of course that's high on the list of "must check out" meals. 

We learned from the bartender that there have been good crowds on the weekends and steady business during the week, with a great response to the food so far, and a lot of customers who are not familiar with craft beer but very enthusiastic about tasting and learning. 
Live music was always the defining feature of Georgetown Saloon, and it seems that the owners intend to continue this tradition while adding far better food and a formidable craft beer list. 

Sounds like a killer trifecta. I'm impressed. 

Cheeseburgers with smoked aioli and side salad

Biscuits and gravy
Menage a tot

Georgetown Saloon is located at 8 Main Street, Redding, CT 06896

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

Found at genius.com: “Post up” is slang for just chilling/standing at a spot.

I learn something new from you every day (or so it seems).

Nice review - I want some of those potato skins.