Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold Coast Tour of Sushi- Part One

I'm on a mission to hit the best sushi restaurants in Fairfield County. As a sushi fan, this should be fun. First stop: Tengda in Westport, CT. My reviews are not complete, as each one is based only on an evaluation of the atmosphere and three rolls of sushi. But here we go:

An unassuming store-front, with a pleasant interior. There was a "trendy" feel to the interior, with cool lighting fixtures in bright colors. When I went there was no one else in the whole place, but according to the website, reservations would be necessary for a weekend night. There was a small fountain near the entrance, and the sushi bar was in the center of the action. The tabletops were really cool, with mosaics laid into the tops that were made out of beans and spices and such. The general color tone was warm and muted, but all the surfaces hard.

I had "roll B" off the lunch menu, 14$. 3 rolls of sushi- Spicy Salmon and Avocado, Spicy Tuna, and Spicy California Roll. The Tuna was presented differently that I expected, with the tuna chopped up and mixed with the spicy sauce, kind of a mush. It was my least favorite roll. The Salmon, however, was fantastic and buttery, and tasted extremely fresh. There was also plenty of Avocado, which I love. Yum! The California roll was also really delicious, with the coolness of the Crab balancing out the spicy-ness. It also had sizable Avocado chunks. Overall, the sushi was very good, with the Salmon being the winner.

I'd be interested to go back and try more items, particularly hot menu items in addition to the sushi. Looking over the menu I see they have Pad Thai (my favorite), and two roll lunch specials for 9 dollars. (It was my fault we missed this, because I took such a long time to get ready). Tomorrow mom and I are going to try it out (she's a sushi fiend).

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

Goody, goody! I can hardly contain myself - lunch with my darling, adorable, intelligent, fun, gorgeous, super daughter, at my favorite kind of restaurant! Yippee!