Sunday, May 11, 2008

The final stretch

Friday was class and charter day, which meant togas and mimosas with Delta Phi, and then an entire day of debauchery for the whole campus. Always epic. It didn't rain, even though it was forecast to. Clearly, God wants us to party. I saw alot more naked drunk boys than I ever needed to see. The apartments at G-road always host the most intense debauchery, and there's a massive water slide. Hence the verrrry intoxicated nudity. And alot of what I suspect is homo eroticism as the guys see who can bruise each other's naked bodies more.

Yesterday I had dinner at Outback with Sam and Julie, Dave and Mallory, and Jason. Then we saw Iron Man which was freaking awesome. Great action, rather corny...but in a fantastic and purposeful way. Really enjoyable. It serves the purely entertaining purpose that a movie should serve.

I even got some work done yesterday, too! Halfway done with a take home exam that isn't due till Tuesday. Today I write an essay, tomorrow I finish the take home exam, and then I'm done with writing and move on to studying. Oh joy! Last night at 2am dry week began....suuure, campus safety. You go ahead and believe that.

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