Thursday, May 1, 2008

If you're having a bad day, find a ledge!

Haha, I love Gilmore Girls. This post title is a quote from Paris Gellar. Love it.

Another great quote:

Girl- Aww, it's May Day! We need a pole to dance around!
Guy- I could lie on the ground....

There is really no end to funny stuff like that in the world. Although sometimes it doesn't seem like there's much point in any of it, I think it's important to remember that there will always be some glimmer of humor or happiness, even if you think it's impossible.

I'm excited to go home because I really want food, both at home and out in restaurants. Plus I miss my Nola-Bear. Although I must say I'm terrified by the prospect of packing up my room and even more so-- unpacking it once I get home. So much STUFF to organize. My stuff TOTALLY owns me, but I can't help it. It owns me and intoxicates me and I'm imprisoned in a golden cage that I cannot fathom giving up. Bloomingdales just makes me too damn happy!

Lastly, if Whitney doesn't win on America's Next Top Model Alex and I will FULLY have fifteen bitch fits each.


Admin said...

i don't like whitney's attitude. i think anya is a bit dense, but sweet, and takes amazing photos. i love the girl whose name no one can remember or pronounce. i will call her kat. she's my fave.

Adeline Jessica said...

Yes, I really liked Katarzyna. She was gorgeous...but really did seem to lack a personality. Anya's voice is heinous...I just can't warm up to her, although I see she takes better photos than Whitney. But Whitney seems to be the smartest and she has a sense of humor. Fatima is such a bitch lately but panel seems to love her. Haha, clearly I spend too much time caring about this. Oh well.