Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oregon welcomed me like a beloved child, enfolded me in her cool arms, shushed my turbulent thoughts, and promised peace through her whispering pines. -Colleen Houck

Oregon is such an incredibly beautiful place. After it came to mind yesterday, I had to share the places that I believe are highlights of the state. Sometimes I think about moving there, but I know deep down I'm an East Coaster. But I'll always go to visit and reset my mind.
Crater Lake. Can you imagine being the men who discovered it? Photo by me, Adeline Crites-Moore

Multnomah Falls always makes my mind go quiet. (photo from pinterest, can't find the source)

Haystack Rock is a must-see destination. It just has an amazing aura. Photo from

Rainforest Canyon- haven't made it there yet! Photo by Marc Adamus

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Morna Crites-Moore said...

I believe the photo of Multnomah Falls is by Dax McMillan.