Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Turquoise Dip Dye - Mildly Obsessed

I think these hairstyles are absolutely fabulous. I wish I could do them myself, but I know they wouldn't really fly at work. People just don't take you as seriously. I know it's wrong to subscribe to societal norms like that (or is it?) but you just get ahead in life if you present yourself well. People want to feel like they are dealing with a professional, not a wild child. Plus...if you stay neat and presentable, you appeal to all demographics. If you have hair like these ladies, you only appeal to a narrow slice of people. And I don't mean "appeal" in a sexual way, but just in a life way! Who would you hire in a job interview? Or as your lawyer? Or real estate agent? Yep..that's what I thought.
Magical mermaid hair! Keeping the color that rich requires a lot of re-dying though.

Now THAT's a commitment. I love how she makes it so high fashion!


Subtle yet bold. Seen in the Free People catalog

A touch of royal purple for good measure

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