Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Well, the suite has been pretty quiet (at least comparatively) this weekend. Emily is off to Kenya and Alex is at the Spice Girls concert in NYC. Lucky bitch....I'm hella jealous!
The weather today was so absurdly awful I can't even explain it. I was watching Planet Earth and it was talking about the intolerable conditions on the tundra, and the view outside my window looked just like my TV screen-- but worse! And for the 10 minutes I spent outside, I'm pretty sure I froze to death. This is the ghost of me typing, because the wind KILLED ME. It's NEGATIVE 10 out there people!!

I've been watching The O.C. and loving it. What a great show--so awful, so wonderful. "Pretty people, pretty messed up" (my life).

The boys are brewing thier own beer in the common room. I'm pretty psyched to try it out (if it actually works).

Ugh. This weather is exhausting, and I'm just generally tired. As usual, people think I'm wayyyy more social than I really am. Lovely.

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