Thursday, February 7, 2008

Words are the Most Powerful Drugs Used by Mankind

I don't have class until 2:30, which equals a fantastically lazy morning for MOI. I went to breakfast with Alex and Emily, and stole a bunch of paper cups...I'm soooo diabolical. I just made some turkey bacon, so the whole suite smells yummy (at least to me).

This weekend debate society goes to Brandeis....not me though....Emily leaves for Kenya on Sunday so we are having girl time until then I guess.
Chris wants me to play Halo with him, but I'm not in the mood to kill kill kill, which of course is shocking and disappointing to him. hehe.

My new medication causes me to NOT sleep at's one of the side effects...I literally woke up a thousand times last night and ate half a box of MultiGrain Cheerios which are, by the way, effing amazing. I also watched Pretty Persuasion which I got from Amazon for 5 bucks (including shipping).

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