Saturday, February 9, 2008

They Said That Hell's Not Hot...

I've made three discoveries of excellent-ness. Actually, maybe four.
First, MultiGrain Cheerios are the best cereal ever created by mankind. Seriously-- if you're craving candy, just funnel some Cheerios. They're "lightly sweetened"...probably in order to make America feel okay about actually eating whole grain. But another reason why they're great is that on specially marked boxes there's a code printed inside...and all you have to do is go to the cheerios website and enter the code, and they donate a dollar to women's heart disease screening. That's pretty good.

Next, Let's talk about how Annie is a fantastically cast film. Really! We all loved it as kids, but now, as an "adult" I see how truly great it is! Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry (the sweetest transvestite), Carol Burnett and Ann Rienking! Plus, Edward Hermann, the grandfather in Gilmore Girls makes an appearance as F.D.R. That's just amazing. Love it. Plus, choreographing all those children really impresses me.

New drink to try, people..... Pear Absolut and diet Sprite. Put one shot in a martini glass and fill it to the top with the Sprite. I normally hate pears, but this is a light and delicious concoction. Try it out.

LASTLY, Nintendo Wii is great, addictive, and the most exercise I will ever get. I actually break a sweat playing boxing. Plus it gets my anger out in an active way instead of playing Halo and shooting aliens while sitting still. Much more satisfying.


Morna Crites-Moore said...

Thank you for the "cool pictures" link in your Hit List - what a wonderful (full of wonder) site.

D.B. Crites-Moore said...

So 'that's' what happened to the box of Multi-grain Cheerios!!!